Chelsea Singh on Leadership

Leadership is a key factor in business, but there are many different types of leader and ways of leading people. We all need leadership at various times in our lives, and we will turn to different people for guidance in different Using Loupe to Inspect Stoneareas. Sometimes we need to be motivated to get up and go and make important changes in behaviour, and other times we might need a role model for some more personal reflection.

Some leaders are very charismatic and inspirational, and draw people to them like a magnet. People feel stronger when spending time with them and more motivated to make changes in their lives. These types of leaders usually have strong visions, they know exactly where they want to go, and they have no time for naysayers – they’re too busy getting on with it! They can be radical, and will usually have enemies as well, as some people prefer things to always stay the same and fear change, so these people will find them unsettling, and will react negatively.

These types of leaders tend to be politicians and high-profile entrepreneurs.

But there are also modest leaders. Those who shy away from the limelight and keep a low profile. There are plenty of powerful people who have created huge, influential organisations, but of whom you will have heard. These people prefer a slow and steady approach, and they tend to be committed to the success of an organisation of movement, rather than personal achievement.

These people tend to be spiritual leaders, authors and teachers.

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