Do you need to have a degree in business studies to become an entrepreneur?

With worldwide University attendance rates at their highest ever (though watch this space to see how the increased fees will affect UK students), it’s commonly believed that you can’t get anywhere in life without that little piece of paper that says you spent four years or more attending lectures, and sitting exams at the end.

presentation in aditorium

But research shows that most students remember almost nothing of what they learned at school or university. So is it worth going to university if you want to make it big in business?

The answer is that while university will be very helpful as a character building experience and to make friends that will last a lifetime, there are many examples of people who dropped out of college, had terrible reviews from their teachers and lecturers and turned out to be some of the most successful business people and entrepreneurs of our time – these include Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

So, there’s nothing wrong with qualifications, and getting an education is no bad thing, but a degree in business studies does not a good business person make, and it’s very possible to strike it rich without a university degree.

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