Tips for Entrepreneurs

Chelsea Singh was born an entrepreneur and knew at a very early age that the daily grind of a nine to five, working for the man, was not going to be for him. Now well established, with a large portfolio of projects under his belt, he’s in a position to offer advice to budding entrepreneurs who want to know how to turn their dreams into reality and their drive into profits.

Chelsea Singh’s Entrepreneur Tips #1 – It’s all about who you know

The old adage is completely true. Having the right contacts will make the difference between getting investment, publicity and in the view of the right people and being buried in obscurity. Put your networking skills to work and don’t overlook anyone – you never know who might be a Dragon’s cousin or a millionaire’s best friend. Want to know Chelsea Singh? Get in touch.

Chelsea Singh’s Entrepreneur Tips #2 – Believe in yourself

All entrepreneurs will have their share of naysayers, who will put you down and say that it’s not possible. That’s because it’s not possible for them, because they don’t have the vision and determination to seize life in their own hands. Don’t be put down or put off – stick to your guns and make your millions.

Chelsea Singh’s Entrepreneur Tips #3 – Don’t be afraid of taking risks

If the first time you take a risk and it doesn’t turn out well, you become too cautious, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot. The best opportunities and payoffs come to those who are willing to take a risk where everyone else is afraid of getting their feet wet. Stride out and don’t be afraid to lose everything. If it goes right you’ll reap the benefits and if it goes wrong you just dust yourself off and start again. Entrepreneurs know that all they need is their skills and they can build an empire from nothing.

Chelsea Singh is on Twitter with more words of wisdom.


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