Chelsea Singh – Entrepreneur

What is an entreprenur? An entrepreneur is someone who spots opportunities where others don’t and has the skills and drive to turn those ideas into thriving businesses. They are never happy to rest on their laurels and always have their eyes wide open for the next big thing. In recent decades a lot of the key developments and opportunities have been based around new technologies, and we’ve all witnessed the rapid acceleration in growth from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. A decade ago, they didn’t exist, and now they are an intrinsic part of almost all of our lives, and take part in everything from social affairs to being major players in the dissemination of international news.

Chelsea Singh is proud to be among the effective entrepreneurs based in the UK. Despite the recent downturn and a nagging recession that seems to be dragging out, Chelsea is showing himself as being able to buck the trend, by investing in new businesses and seeing them grow. He understand the importance of the Internet and implementing new technologies and is heavily involved in innovation in these areas.

For more information about Chelsea Singh as an entrepreneur, visit his website.


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