Chelsea Singh’s Biography

chelsea singh

A modern day, true-life rags to riches (okay, maybe not rags exactly, but certainly a modest begining) story, the life of Chelsea Singh has been one of passion, drive and adventure.

From a modest beginning, Chelsea soon realised that the standard route through education, working for someone else for a lifetime, only to retire in old age – was not going to be one for him. From travelling the world, living in different countries and building his business empire from the ground up, Chelsea has always pursued his dreams – to great effect.

He’s now the proud owner of Chelsea Singh Investments and business interests include: Skin Hamorny (a beauty salon based in the heart of Windsor), Stack-Cup (an innovative new product that is going to revolutionise catering at live events), a restaurant in The Canary Islands, the development of a new hotel in India and Doctor Xpress (a medical service offering travelling doctors around London).

Read more about the life of Chelsea Singh on his website.


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